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I have used mail order before so I'm not new to the process. I am appalled at their inability to get one medication filled! I had to call them no less than 11 times to get it done. They held it up for timing that would have resulted in a medication gap for my son because they quoted 2 business days processing and 10-14 business days shipping which is up to 3 calendar weeks and wouldn't let me order until I had only 5 days meds left. I tried to explain it to the customer service operator that it would be impossible to fill at those... Read more

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They keep sending me medication without my authorization saying they have no choice if the doctor calls in a prescription. I used to work with Primemail and I was the only person that authorized the medication being sent out. I have not asked for them to refill continuously but they keep processing medication and sending it to me and billing my account. I've asked them to note my file twice and have now removed my payment cards so they can't just extort the money. Honestly, these company needs to be shut down. I was wondering if I could... Read more

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Being a kidney transplant after waiting 3+ years for one, then having to follow a strict medication regiment. CVS Caremark mail order would NOT process my much needed anti rejection medications over a 72 day old balance of 4 dollars and change!! Which fell within the current flexible account year. Further more I called their phone customer service and was told after a Supervisor approval they processed the 4 dollar and change balance onto my flex spend account only to find out not true!! Thank god I called the next day because I needed to add... Read more

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Proposed e-mail notice to change password never arrived. I had used the password I have had for a while now but it was not successful. I waited at least an hour for the arrival of the "sent" e-mail. It never came through. I was hoping to retrieve the annual statement of my prescription history for 2015. Since I am not able to log in to the site, I wonder if there is any other way to ensure that I can obtain this history for my tax filing for this year. I will be very grateful if someone is able to help me with this difficulty. I know of no... Read more

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I can't believe the run around i am going through!! Since January and it is March 29th right now..My doctor sent in authorizations 4 times and they claim the never received it.. No body knows what they are talking about and I keep getting pushed around to other departments. I am beyond livid right now. Never in my life have I ever been treated like this. Add comment

My daughter takes multiple medications, and the mailing Pharmacy option allows me to get 90 days of several substances that are controlled as well as the other medications at a better price than I could get in my local pharmacy. That is all the theoretical, the reality is always different. I just found out that if your order total is $250 they will not ship it because that would push your bill up to $250. If you have $250 on your account they will not ship anything because they want their payment. While I understand this, the person on the... Read more

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I ordered 2 prescriptions from Caremark. On one, they sent me the incorrect prescription and I'm still waitron for a return envelope so I can send back the wrong one they sent me. And on the second one, after ordering it on line and waiting several weeks, they told me they have no requests for such order. I am terminating any future orders with them and am going back to the walk in pharmacy. Add comment

Unfortunately, I have to deal with this company. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and need my medicine on time. EVERY time I place an order for a refill, it is wrong. Whether it just doesn't arrive at all, or it goes to the incorrect address, take your pick. It's always one or the other. I can call several times prior to the delivery date to make sure things are correct, and without fail, it still comes (or not) with a mistake. In addition, I am ALWAYS overcharged, and on numerous occasions times double charged. I'm at the end of my rope with this... Read more

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This company is horrible! I cannot stress that enough. I have had the hardest time trying to get MY prescription filled. I talk to the supposed representatives who know nothing about what I am asking about for an accommodation. They have to transfer the call a hundred time just to tell me they've lost the paperwork that my doctors office sent in. I am beyond livid. I can't even believe this company is still in business after all the horrible reviews they have. I would rate this company with NO stars. Read more

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I am new to CVS Caremark because of a new medicare advantage plan. My first prescription sent in by my doctor is already a problem. A previous advantage plan had the drug covered and the extra help applied. This company will not apply the extra help and are overcharging me. It is a generic drug and there is not another option for it. That is per their pharmacist. And yet they are charging me double what it should be for a two week supply. I need this drug to breathe. Without it, I will be in the ER. They have not gotten back to me regarding... Read more

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