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I swear this company must go out and recruit people with room temperature IQs. I recently received a shipment of insulin -- which must be kept at refrigerator temp -- that was not only room temperature it was actually warmer inside the box than the air temperature.

The cool pack the insulin was packed in had never even been frozen. I can tell because during shipment, the boxes rub against the frozen ice and show wear marks. This shipment had none so clearly they never came in contact with anything solid like ice. So I go the phone routine to try to get another shipment and then I have to deal with that inane and insipid voice recognition program.

Now I am a midwesterner and speak quite clearly and accent free, yet this program can never recognize anything I say. I'm beginning to suspect it was programmed in China is waiting for someone to respond in Chinese. So you fight your way through that and eventually get a real live person and then that's never the person you have to talk to to get an answer so you're put on hold ........ this last time for close to 20 minutes.

Now honestly, I work as a manager in a service company, if we treated our employees like this we'd be out of business in a week.

Yet companies like Caremark are allowed to go merrily on giving terrible lousy service and getting away with. Honestly, this company makes we want to go out and start campaiging for government single-payer health care just to see them have to close their doors.

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I too am a midwesterner and have been asked several times, what kind of accent I have, and this is from other midwesterners. Let's face it sometimes over the phone voices don't come across as clear as they do otherwise.

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